Apr 24 2009

Hazel Tucker Goes International!

hazelthailand01 Hazel Tucker Goes International!

In March, Hazel Tucker took a little time off from her busy schedule shooting steamy photos and videos for all her fans out there. She and well known star, Danielle Foxx took a little trip to Thailand together and we’ve got a couple candid photos from her plane ride and her first smell of the beautiful flowers there. We’re glad that Hazel is able to take some time off and get in some good traveling… at her age, it’s an awesome and valuable experience to be able to get a taste of other cultures! Wonder if they hooked up with any of the beautiful Ladyboys of Thailand while there… see where my mind always goes? I could have gotten a lot worse though… just think about sitting next to Hazel Tucker on the plane… don’t even begin to tell me that your thoughts wouldn’t be drifting towards joining ‘The Mile High Club!’

hazelthailand02 Hazel Tucker Goes International!

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Apr 23 2009

Hazel Tucker in the Great Outdoors for Earth Day!

hazeltucker01 Hazel Tucker in the Great Outdoors for Earth Day!

Well, Earth Day is upon is and in honor of the occasion, I thought I’d post a couple pictures of hot rising Shemale Pornstar Hazel Tucker enjoying the great outdoors in a skimpy bikini which shows off her young body perfectly! I’m loving those perky little titties… they’re just begging to be sucked on! Hazel looks awesome with a simple clean face… but boy, what a difference a little makeup can make! She’s absolutely stunning with her hair done and some nice, sparkly makeup! Fit for a Shemale Queen if I do say so myself (and I do). These pictures are courtesy of the excellent site, Shemale Strokers which features some of the hottest Hazel Tucker pictures and solo videos around! I so love the picture of Hazel spitting on her tit… HOT!

hazeltucker02 Hazel Tucker in the Great Outdoors for Earth Day!


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Apr 21 2009

A Casual Hazel Tucker At Home Just Being A Girl…

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dsc00220 A Casual Hazel Tucker At Home Just Being A Girl... dsc00227 A Casual Hazel Tucker At Home Just Being A Girl... dsc00234 A Casual Hazel Tucker At Home Just Being A Girl...

There’s some magazine that I pick up and read every once in a while… I think it’s “People” that has a section called something like, ‘Celebrities…They’re Just Like Us!’ I really like that section because it gives us little glimpses into their everyday lives and I enjoy that. So… as much as I like Hazel when she’s all done up an lookin’ fine, I have to say, I love these pictures of her just chillin’ at home, reading a magazine, and just generally lounging around.

dsc00222 A Casual Hazel Tucker At Home Just Being A Girl... dsc00224 A Casual Hazel Tucker At Home Just Being A Girl...

I really love that Hazel is so comfortable in her own skin… and such a beauty! Even with no or little makeup she still looks amazing with her pouty lips and soft features! This short denim skirt does an excellent job of displaying Hazel’s legs for us and I love the cowboy boots look.

dsc00230 A Casual Hazel Tucker At Home Just Being A Girl...

Here’s one parting picture for you guys who like the upskirts! Enjoy and keep checking this Blog for all things Hazel Tucker, past and present!

dsc00235 A Casual Hazel Tucker At Home Just Being A Girl...

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Apr 19 2009

Hazel Tucker Steals the Show in Shemale Strokers 32!

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Their tagline says it all: “They strip! They stroke! They splooge!” Shemale Strokers 32 proves to be a great addition to Mancini’s Shemale Strokers series. I just finished watching the DVD and I was pleased to see our very own Hazel Tucker steal the show! What a treat! If there are any doubters out there about Hazel Tucker’s staying power as Shemale porn royalty… just check out the cover and see who’s picture is bigger! Pretty amazing for such a newcomer to share the cover of a DVD release with Shemale Superstar (and rumored mentor) Kimber James! Shemale Strokers 32 features Hazel Tucker, Kimber James, Kitty, Jasmine Jewels, Veronica Venom, Frances, and Evilyn Frazao. Seven steamy scenes filled with cock stroking action and lots of cum…just what you’d expect from a Shemale Strokers DVD!

Below is my full review of the DVD:

Like any other Tgirl that age, Hazel likes shopping for clothes and kinky sex (and not necessarily in that order). This all-American Tgirl loves nipple play, so when she’s telling about her sexual escapades on camera, she’s pulling on her soft nipples, making them hard between her fingers. She soon slips into something “more comfortable” and proceeds to fondle herself through her slutty black lingerie. Although Hazel doesn’t have the largest cock, she certainly knows how to use it and before long she’s tugging on it so quickly, trying to push the cum out!

Kitty just got a new job at a strip club (hence her slutty, stripper-esque outfit), but explains that she’s never given a lap-dance before. She’d like some practice, she says, and who’s going to say no to that? She gyrates her sweet ass in front of the camera and massages her swollen balls. You can totally see her 10″ cock coming to life. With each pull, her meaty cock grows in length (and even girth, it seems). Kitty knows her cock is mesmerizing and even purposely shoves it into the camera to tease us all. She asks, “Do you like it?” But she already knows the answer to this one!

Superstar Kimber James says she has a secret and if we’re good, she might let us in on it. It’s hard to pay attention to what she’s saying, though, because you’re distracted by her cute pink nighty and lacy panties. When she finally slips off her bra to reveal those huge, swollen tits, you can’t help but wonder if her secret is that she’s horny all the time. She lays back in front of the fireplace and begins massaging her tight she-pussy and moaning quietly. With every tug on her cock, it grows larger and larger, and when she finally cums all over herself you feel like you’re unloading on her too. Definitely an awesome Kimber James scene and one that features Kimber pre-surgery for all you ‘natural’ fans out there!

Although she’s older than the other Tgirls in this DVD, Miss Jasmine Jewels certainly doesn’t lack in sex drive. As she tells the story of a recent sexual experience, she starts lactating. She rubs the milk all over her tits and then on the bulge in her panties. She is one kinky Tranny, shoving her finger into her tight she-pussy as she jerks herself off.

Veronica Venom is a Tgirl with great, punky appeal who loves a guy who can perform and can handle her big 8 inch cock! Wearing a black corset and knee-high boots, Veronica begins rubbing her pierced cock for the camera. If you’re wondering what color venom Veronica has, it’s milky white.

Frances’ accent allows her to effortlessly roll the r’s off her tongue and possibly suck your cock in her tiny mouth. I don’t know who she was talking to on the phone, but whoever it was definitely got her horny. She immediately starts pulling on her hot Latina t-cock from under her short skirt. If you want a horny Tranny who will moan and call you papi, then Frances might be for you.

Evilyn Frazao is a Tranny of few words who lets her gyrating hips do all the work for her. She oozes with sexuality and her plump, glossy lips are so inviting as she jerks herself off. The end of Evilyn’s scene is dripping wet with cum, a true embodiment of what Shemale Strokers represents!

Order your copy today at Shemale Video Direct!

smstrokers32f 280x400 Hazel Tucker Steals the Show in Shemale Strokers 32! smstrokers32b 280x400 Hazel Tucker Steals the Show in Shemale Strokers 32!

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Apr 18 2009

Sneak Peek: Hazel Does Hollywood on DVD!

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This is an exclusive sneak peek of Buddy Wood’s latest DVD, “Hazel Does Hollywood”, nowhere else will be showing this trailer apart from this Blog!!!

This has been Buddy’s ‘Sam Peckinpah’ moment, with months of shooting and re-shooting before he was happy with the release and the report is that Grooby owner, Steven had to put a gun to his head to stop him editing it and get the finished product in (although the real story may be that he just offered him another beer).

Having seen the complete DVD, I’m going to tell you, it’s probably the best Shemale DVD I’ve ever seen, featuring a complete storyline of how Hazel came to Los Angeles and developed her career as a Transsexual porn star, rapidly becoming the hottest Shemale performer of 2009.

The DVD features one of the best Shemale on Shemale sex scenes, with Transsexual Superstar TS Jesse.  And without a doubt, the only Shemale-on-girl scene with a newcomer that had never performed on camera before. Just an ordinary girl that Hazel and Buddy met at a local coffee shop. The scene is amazing, as Hazel had never fucked a girl (seriously) before, and it takes a steaming hot turn when the girl turns around and fucks Hazel with a strap-on.

Hardcore scenes with male performers, a gonzo shoot and more! With fun cutaways and voice overs by Hazel telling us how she feels about the Transsexual  Porn Industry and getting into it.

‘Hazel Does Hollywood’ features original music by Heath Lane & The Bombardiers.

This is a 20Mb Windows Media download so please download it and watch, courtesy of Hazel Tucker Blog!

CLICK HERE to download the exclusive “Hazel Does Hollywood” Trailer! – 20MB,  WMV Format

This video is available at a special pre-order price only by going to the special Grooby Productions Sales Site Here!

hdh1 300x199 Sneak Peek:  Hazel Does Hollywood on DVD! hdh2 300x199 Sneak Peek:  Hazel Does Hollywood on DVD! hdh4 300x199 Sneak Peek:  Hazel Does Hollywood on DVD! hdh5 300x199 Sneak Peek:  Hazel Does Hollywood on DVD! hdh3 199x300 Sneak Peek:  Hazel Does Hollywood on DVD!

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Apr 17 2009

Where Does Hazel Tucker Get Pampered?

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You’d think Hazel Tucker would expect a lot of pampering, but this Shemale Pornstar is so naturally pretty and cute, she doesn’t need a lot! Still, she does like to treat herself every now and again, and of course, as a professional model you need to have your nails and skin perfect. So, before each shoot, Hazel visits a little salon on Melrose to get herself cleaned up and looking fresh!

hazel01 Where Does Hazel Tucker Get Pampered? hazel02 Where Does Hazel Tucker Get Pampered? hazel04 Where Does Hazel Tucker Get Pampered?

So… who shaves your pubes, Hazel?

“Oh, those I do myself of course… although Buddy Wood sometimes like to do it for me also! I’ve never had much hair there so it’s quite easy – and of course, my ass is as smooth as a babies bottom!”

hazel03 Where Does Hazel Tucker Get Pampered?

hazel05 Where Does Hazel Tucker Get Pampered? hazel06 Where Does Hazel Tucker Get Pampered? hazel07 Where Does Hazel Tucker Get Pampered?

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Apr 16 2009

Welcome to the Fan Blog of Shemale Star Hazel Tucker!

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Who is Hazel Tucker? She’s only the totally cutest Shemale to burst onto the scene  in July 2008 with an awesome shoot on ShemaleYum by Buddy Wood.  Hazel had originally contacted Buddy through the website about doing some work while she lived in Massachusetts, but he didn’t believe that she was a Tranny until he got her on webcam and was smitten by her natural good looks and ease in front of the camera.  Grooby Productions flew Hazel down to Los Angeles for a series of photoshoots and videos.  She has since appeared in 8 amazing shoots on ShemaleYum, including special Xmas and Easter shoots and her first hardcore shoot with big cocked Christian!

Due to her rising success across the internet it wasn’t soon before the usual suspects “poached” her from Grooby Productions (who helped her get a few modeling gigs) and now Hazel has appeared on Frank’s Tgirl World, Bob’s Tgirls, Shemale Strokers and in a Devil’s Film DVD release.

Her own DVD, “Hazel Does Hollywood” comes out later this month and it’s set to be the most interesting and unique transsexual DVD ever produced, with high production values and some great content featuring this rising Shemale star!

Hazel Tucker now lives in Hollywood where she’s a Pornstar, Party Girl and all around cutie!

This site is dedicated to all things Hazel Tucker and as well as showcasing all the websites and content she’s got out there, we will also have unprecedented access to Hazel and will be showing personal photos and ‘behind the scenes’ captures of her! If you’ve been bitten by the Hazel Tucker bug…believe me, there’s no cure. All you can do is move to L.A. and hope to catch a glimpse of her while she’s out and about living the nightlife of a true Shemale Pornstar!

hazeltuckerblogpost01 Welcome to the Fan Blog of Shemale Star Hazel Tucker!

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